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Blooming Petals ‘n Cascading Leaves



Relative to a grand finale that nature has been saving up all year round, the residual moments of summer is cognizant to flowers bursting their last beauty. Flourishing so graciously for passers-by to see and adore, a mighty flower blossoms under the spell of Summer the enchanter. From a novel bud, full of life and enigma, it becomes an exquisite flower replete with grace and charm, only to relinquish that last grasp of summer before taking a bow on concrete floors.

As an audience watching the flower runs its course, you realize that all matters in life..from budding plants to heartfelt emotions to sartorial fashion icons…are not meant to last forever.

Life is precious because mortality is ever so real. Over time we learn to love and appreciate what is genuine, what is beautiful, what is real. Not the remotely definite nor infinite matters, not ones carved to perfection by senseless metals and machines, because we know that what is genuine, what is beautiful, and what is real comes with flaws and imperfections and will run its course through stages of transformation. Like a flower, one blossoms at its plateau but transforms to something better beyond its peak. With bygone petals and leaves are the fundamental roots. More beautiful. More resilient. More strong.

As Sanober Khan once said, “The magic fades too fast, the scent of summer never lasts. You have to be ready to grow, and grow fast”.

Thus like all life forms, where you are now will change over time. So be thankful for the beautiful moment. Be thankful for the gift of today.

Xo~ Lena



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