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Maximize Minimalism – Street Style Edition


In this perpetually evolving fashion world, something about the mix and match of masculine and feminine pieces never cease to intrigue me. Oftentimes this androgynous “boy-meets-girl” street style edge is the staple of many powerhouse designs, ranging from Alexander Wang’s utilitarian cashmere sweater and distressed boyfriend jeans, to Givenchy’s signature gothic shirts that evoke a dark, brooding essence to French haute couture.

Though in the early 1940s women were expected to wear tailored suits and dresses with slim cut silhouettes, nowadays it’s run-of-the mill to see women adding men-inspired clothing to their getup. Freedom of expression? Yes. Style and comfort? You bet.

Whether it’d be choosing flannels and boyfriend jeans to channel that grunge persona, or draping a moto jacket over a filmy frock to ascend to “Punk Princess” status, consider it a creative outlet for ladies to cobble together pieces that blur all gender-specific boundaries whilst maintaining an aura of femininity!

In my outfit today I chose to play up my tomboyish aura by adding unisex fashion staples to my ensemble — white sweater with fringe details paired with wide-legged slacks and lace up boots. I love how minimal this look is yet still channel novelty via the avant-garde details like the frills (and fancies) of the sweater and the color-block linings along the side of the trousers.

Final thought of the day? Be a trailblazer designer and add a unique style to your own lookbook. Draw in the zig-zag lines, add a dash of color, and paint that canvas a multi-colored version of you :).

Xoxo ~ Lena


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