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Resurgence of the ’90s










As we slowly but surely transition into winter, there are certain arsenal pieces in our wardrobe that, despite the season or latest craze, would always flatter and work in our Winter Fashion & OOTD roundup. Take a faux fur jacket for instance. It’s perennially stylish yet never fails to deliver its essential function of warding off the belligerent chills.

Perched atop a little black dress and paired with checkered slacks and stilettos heels, you’ll be surprised at how you can whip up a new look by reworking summer’s go-to essentials.

Never one to abandon throwback trends lurking on the edges (a good ol’ 90s fad that’s gone mainstream), I added in these lace chokers and hipster indie shades for good measure. A note to mixing vintage with contemporary — add on small vintage accessories to a modern look rather than nose-diving into theatricality with a houndstooth jacket or neon tights. Choker is a good resurgent piece to start — my go-to ones range from velvet ribbon and twisted metal to BDSM vibes and dainty collars. Individuality is key, so why not play with revitalized trends to see if they can eminently work with other items in your wardrobe?

Xo~ Lena

Fashion is a potency in art, making it hard to judget between the temporary and the lasting – Edmund Clarence Stedman

Photos: Amanda Freeman


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