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Sip and Shop at Rocky + Luella

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There are two types of retail therapy sessions in Chicago. Meet Michigan Avenue, the main downtown thoroughfare with a vasty array of commercial giants like Zara and Topshop to satiate your shopping needs. Then there are local retail boutiques in Wicker Park and Bucktown with an eclectic selection of vintage and modern clothing for you to gratifyingly peruse and purchase.

Stores with Industrial influences. Euro minimalism. Hint of little Tokyo.

Being an avid supporter of local Chicago boutiques like MadStyle and Joanna Alot Design, and having participated in a few Windy City blogging events hosted by local artisans, I wanted the opportunity to bring them together – the fashion writers and the fashion providers. So I thought to myself, why not a shopping event to showcase a store or designer whose creations hit close to home?

So while googling “Chicago fashion stores”, I came across Rocky + Luella, an independent retail boutique in Logan Square with a wide-ranging selection of apparel and accessories. Classic American sweaters with a modern twist fused with global imprint. Versatile outerwear with utilitarian details. Bold patterns and youthful designs with street wear influences.

Not to mention a delight for bling-lovers as many of the statement jewelries are made with vintage chains and semi-precious stones!

So it was done – last Saturday Nancy and I hosted our first shopping event of the year at Rocky + Luella. Given the diverse choice of apparel, we kept the looks fun and funky by donning opposite styles – Nancy modeling a classy, feminine ensemble with a Rachel Rose Print Dress and I pulling off a menswear-inspired silhouette with a floral print button down shirt under a mixed knit pullover.

A night of sipping black tea & rum, raffle draw where our friend Rosalie won her 1st prize ever, and an after-party at Dos Amigos with the best grilled halibut in town, it was a fun night to remember!

So next time you’re hunting for a stylish piece in Chicago, why not stop by Rocky + Luella for a swoon-worthy retail fix? When it comes to shopping, do you have a favorite store? :)

Xo~ Lena

Shirt & Pullover: Rocky + Luella// Leather Pants: J. Brand// Shoes: Zara



  • Always great to support local businesses. Sure you had fun. Love your jumper. Love shopping in some of my local boutiques and I love zara.
    Cheers, Mojisola

    • Yes indeed! They have such amazing collection and I love hearing the story about how it all came about! Ah yes I’m a big fan of Zara truly a place for some style hunting! Have a great day Mojisola!

  • awww this looks like so much fun lena!! i’m absolutely in love with their wall decor/display btw.. so creative and smart :) and it’s still so christmasy with the red chair and all hehe is it too early to start looking forward to it?

    • Haha me too I love the interior design so chic and fun! Oh I miss Christmas already haha!

  • Love those pants! It looks like such a cute store!

  • Looks like such a great little boutique!! I love the sweater and shirt combo. Very pretty! xo – Dani

    • Thanks Dani, yes it truly is a fun shopping playground

  • Dang I wish I could have been in Chicago to have met you. Rocky and Luella is so close to my parents’ house that next time I am in town I hope to check it out :) xoxo Janet

    • Oh wow what a small world! Yes that would be so fun to have met you in person! Ah I’m sure you’ll love the store they have quite a fun selection of clothing and jewelries!

  • Oh how I wished in Chicago #goals. Love the idea of showcasing boutiques and hosting shopping events, I’m sure the options are endless in that city! This place looks absolutely adorable with some great stuff! And of course your look is perfectly chic and casual.

    Clothes & Quotes

    • Thanks Shannon, there never is a dull moment! If you get a chance do stop by I’m sure you’ll love it here!

  • I’ve never been to Chicago but I’d love to go. That place looks awesome! Thanks for sharing:)

    • You’re welcome Nout, glad you liked it! Hope you get the chance to visit Chicago someday!

  • Great sweater and leather pants combination, looks so stylish!
    I’m all into comfy combinations these days!

    • Same here! Great way to dress stylishly while staying warm! Have a great one Tanya!

  • Great read!!! You always know how to write intriguing posts!!! Such a fun event! Love it! xoox

    • Thanks dear! Wouldn’t have done it without you! Haha~ we make a great team ;)

  • This is an awesome outfit! I love the striped sweater with the leather pants. And the patterned shirt underneath the sweater is so fun!

    • Thanks Alecz, yes the combo is quite a fun and funky mix! Have a lovely day!

  • I love supporting local businesses too and wow, I love the store’s setup. It’s different, very contemporary and I’ve never seen another store like it before.
    p/s: Never got around to telling you this but I absolutely LOVE your new blog layout, it’s so chic, Lena!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • It really is a gem, definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in town Shireen! Oh and thanks dear glad you liked the new look! :D

  • What a fun event! I LOVE your borrowed from the boys look!!!



  • Such an awesome look- I really love the leather pants with the sweater too!

    • Thanks dear! Glad you liked it! Have an amazing day!

  • those leather pants are so cool! just wore a similar pair with a sweather and a shirt too! :D

    and btw, love the minimalist design of the shop and the cute woody details!

    <3 Maria

    • Thanks Maria, the store really holds its cool and hip look very well! Thanks for stopping by!

  • So many great photos and you look amazing! So cozy and I love the booties.

    Heidi D.

  • Sounds like such a fun night, congrats on putting it all together!! xx

  • That store looks awesome! I want to come to Chicago and shop there! Your outfit is perfect. The boots and leggings are insanely cool! But seriously, I want to come to Chicago and have you take me too all the best places to shop <3


    • Haha~ you know you’re always welcome here Camilla! Would love the chance to hang out and go shopping someday. Ah I’m sure it would be a blast! ;)

  • I love this event! So great to support local businesses!
    I also love your sweater and all the jewellery! If I was in Chicago I would defiantly stop by this store…

    • Thank you Hanne, yes it’s a great way to showcase a boutique’s unique designs. Hope you have a chance to visit Chicago someday!

  • Seriously obsessed with those leather pants. You’re rocking them so well! That store looks beyond adorbs. I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m in Chicago!

    • Thanks Kelli, nothing like a great pair of leather pants to stay warm and stylish in the winter! Oh you’ll have so much fun shopping there! :)

  • I just discovered your blog; I think you have a great style! This outfit is so urban and chic!:)

    I’ve been to Chicago last year and really loved it; next time I will check out these stores for sure!

    • Thank you Yulia for stopping by! Ah I’m sure you’ll find a lot of amazing clothes and jewelries there! :)

  • Congrats on hosting your first event of the year babe! Seems like it was a great success! Thumbs up hun! That Rocky+Luella store looks incredibly awesome btw! The designs are simple but so unique at the same time! I love the ‘boyish’ chic look on you, I can’t even tell it’s a men’s pullover hehe! Speaking about favourite stores, I have a weak spot for Mango! My wardrobe contains at least 80% of this brand haha! I simply HEART their collection! Timeless yet so chic! Me encanta! :D Have a wonderful day babe! xo Vivian

    • HI Vivian! Oh thank you it was indeed a success and the after party was just as delightful! I love Mango too they have such chic and urban styles! Unfortunately there isn’t one that I know of in Chicago, but every time I stop by NYC, I stock up on their cool outerwear and jeans! Hope you’re doing well hun!

  • We loved playing hostess to the event! So great to see new faces and love all the sweet comments on the post :)

  • LEEEENA, those leathers are so amaaazing <3 !!! Stunning Look & the event looks amazing!!! Wish you have a lovely day

    Lots of Love <3

    Serene xoxo

    • Thank you my dear, it was a great turnout, wish you could have joined us too!! Have a happy wednesday and stay awesome! :D

  • Gorgeous! You look like sucha babe in those pants!!!
    Enclothed Cognition

  • Such a cute and lovely shop! Love your pants!
    xx Hazel

  • I love this edgy yet preppie look you’re spotting! Those leather pants are so hot!

  • This looks like so much fun, I wish I could have joined! I like small boutiques, but I don’t have many good ones nearby, and from the pictures, this places looks on point in terms of selection. Also, girl your skin looks flawless. Foundation? Or did you just wake up like this? Either way, so great!

    • Lol you are such a darling Romy! Yes the boutique has a great array of clothing and jewelries and it was such a delight getting a group of girls together to learn more about this local store! Ah I don’t use foundation on my skin mostly just sunscreen and moisturizer :)

  • That looks very fun! Your outfit looks amazing as always :)

  • That boutique looks like such a fabulous place to discover! I love to find great unique pieces at places like that! Love the jewelry and the clothing!


    • Yes it really is a gem! Thanks for stopping by Rebecca!

  • Love everything about this place!!! Too cute, just like you!! You know how to rock everything you wear!! You’re adorable! XOXO

    • Thanks Kristin, you’re such a sweetheart! Hope you’re having wonderful day love!

  • I love the shirt and pullover combo. Sometimes check the men’s wear, too.

    • Yes there are so many fun menswear-inspired outfits, so cool and comfy! Thanks Cielo for your comment!

  • I love the shirt and pullover combo. Sometimes, I check the men’s wear, too.

  • Looks like this was a fantastic event! That shop looks super cute!
    xo! J.Frost

    • It really was a delightful one! Have a great day J. Frost!

  • What an awesome event! Sounds like it was loads of fun. I have never really shopped in any local stores in Chicago, but I definitely will when my BF visits and I am free to go anywhere I like without needing to call uber or rely on the CTA haha.

    Loving the floral details on your shirt–its so beautiful!! <3 Always so spot on!



    • Thanks HaeMin! Yes I’m sure there are a lot of unique finds for you to check out! Hope you’re doing well hun and glad to hear you’re back in Chicago!

  • This is so cool! I can’t wait to come hangout and check these places out!! XO

    • Let me know when you’re town, would love to go shopping together girl!

  • You look like a Rockstar with those leather pants! I loved the entire look. I also love how you layered the shirt and the pullover ;)

    Have a great night!

    xx Pam

  • I think it’s amazing that you organised this! The boutique looks super cute and I would love to check it out some time! Travelling to Chicago is on my bucket list anyway! I’ll definitely make a mental note of Rocky + Luella until then :)

    Jasmin xx

    • Thanks Jasmin! That would be great if you get the chance to visit Chicago. A great city with amazing midwestern flair! Ah yes I’ve always wanted to visit Germany, one of these days that dream will come true :)

  • Oh Lena, I am loving this photos from amazing store. You are rocking these leather pants dear. Amazing outfit. Have a great day. Kiss, Mel

    • Thank you Mel!! Hope you’re having a great week!

  • This sounds so awesome! I personally ‘borrow from the boys’ all the time, they have the coolest graphic tees and button ups anyway! I would love to visit Chicago one day, the stores sound so conceptual and fun.

    • Yes it’s so fun dressing up with the boys’ look isn’t it? Yes the store is amazing, do check it out if you ever visit Chicago! Have a great one Karen!

  • loved your outfit a lot :)

  • so nice! the lounging space looks perfect! I bet the shopping is so fun in Chicago!

    • It’s really got a lot to offer! But the shopping experience is still nothing compared to LA or Tokyo ;)

  • Love your outfit & you look absolutely chic, dear! xoxo

  • Wow, this event looked like so much fun AND great fashion pieces too. I haven’t been back to Chicago in a while. I love it there, you have so much to see, and so MANY places to shop! Unique places, like the store you featured. I’ll definitely check it out if I’m ever in town. Hope you have a wonderful day! XO, Maria

    • Hi Maria! Oh I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun there! So many cute and unique boutiques in Chicago like Rocky + Luella! If you’re in town let me know will definitely recommend a few places to shop! Have a great one dear!

  • Great look!
    Love your pants a lot :)))
    Lovely shop!


  • Amazing post! I absolutely love your menswear inspired look. I would wear the entire outfit from head-to-toe. You look darling!

    I’ve never been to Chicago but hope to one day. This boutique looks awesome! Glad you all had a good time.

    • Thanks Asa, it was definitely a fun night! Yes the borrowed from the boys look is sure making rounds this winter, so chic and comfy! :)

  • Such a cute shop, I love how their products are displayed. Very cute :)

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

    • It truly is a cute shop, great for picking up stylish pieces! Thanks for your lovely comment Sera!

  • I love those pants and your boots are amazing. You look absolutely great!


  • Great post! Love checking out new stores in Chicago! – Eva

  • Very Nice are always on point. Big kiss to you from the Netherlands.

    • Thanks Christelle! Hope you’re having a great day!

  • What a great idea! Cocktails and shopping- the perfect (and dangerous) combination. I always try to shop local when possible. You can always find more unique pieces, plus support local store owners :)

    • That’s the spirit! I definitely agree with you on supporting local store owners, plus they have the most amazing stuff!! :)

  • Oh there looks so much fun and great to get to hangout with a bunches of ladies there. Cute layered winter look;).

    Ox. Tanya

  • This is so cool! Love your style!

  • The boutique looks very modern and features some really chic items! It must be fun hosting a shopping event there! And love your choice of a floral print button-down to create an androgynous look! It adds a touch of femininity to the outfit!


  • I absolutely loveee such boutiques. I dont know why, but there is just something whimsical shopping from independent labels rather than the mass-produced clothing articles from stores like F21 and H&M. And they speak for their quality too, no? :)

  • Love your outfits and love this space :)


  • The sweater and booties look awesomeness! I love them! :) x

    Caryl –

  • Waw you look great!
    I’d love to shop in that sort of shops

    Feel free to read my stories

  • What a cool store and so awesome that you hosted this event! Looks like a fab time!


  • Your sweater is gorgeous! I love the design on it and I think it goes great with the leathery pants!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • I think it’s great to support local businesses. Boutiques have one of kind pieces that make your wardrobe more personable. Love the way you paired the floral shirt with the sweater. The pants also gives you an edgy look! #Perfection

  • This is such a great idea! I always try to support our local artisans, but I hope to put it on the next level just like you did! Kisses!

  • Great idea and you look so good! Nice shop!

  • Wow what a great idea, Lena! Wish I was there, the necklaces look gorgeous! Oh and your pants are perfection, I need to get me one of those :)

  • It is a great thing to support local businesses, kudos to you! It looked like a great event. Your outfit and the decor of the store were amazing! Great post!

  • This looks like a fun store! I love those necklaces, and you look fantastic. Those pants

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