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Story of The Wanderliste


A figment of imagination, a series of thoughts, or an assembly of visuals that inspires a person to pursue new ideas, travel on to new grounds, or delve into new curations

People are like novels. Some may have embellished covers that strike a chord with the masses, while others exude more subtle allure, whose words with each turn of the page, become more riveting and real. We are intrigued by the title, the aesthetics, the binding, the resilient first layer.

As we peruse the book, we gather new insights and see the world through someone else’s eyes. The eyes of the creator, the cognitive process of the storyteller. We travel to new territories, we adopt new languages, we discover new ideas, and we learn something new about ourselves and others.

As Stephen King once said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic”. Indeed they are. We transcend beyond the here and now to a place where our nomadic visualizations run wild and free. It’s the natural evolution of humans to change. But this time for the better. The smarter. The stronger. The wiser.

And that to me is The Wanderliste – a small, virtual corner where I, as a writer and creative artist, share visuals captured and stories manifested in my life. And somehow through a word..a thought..or a pictorial shared, be able to ignite and fuel the desire in readers to rove, to travel, to learn, to create, and to discover.

From tales of travel wonders, to articles about street style fashion and culinary arts, I hope that you, as a reader, a passer-by, a wandering soul, would be inspired by this black ink x white canvas. Your creative thinking ignited, and your love for learning be fueled and nurtured.

Xo~ Lena

I’d like to thank Piotr Muller for logo design input, Amanda Freeman for visual magic behind the lens, and Sarah Gutierrez at Nichole Beck Hair Boutique in Lincoln Park for amazing color and cut


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