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The Art of Fashion

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Art and fashion have had a long-standing tradition that fuses creative designs with ready-to-wear attires. Think of Miuccia Prada’s illustrative murals painted with models’ faces to confetti-themed Miu Miu coats with daring splashes of color.

In essence art has no restrictions nor bound by any absolute definition. A painter with an eye for precision and a desire to elicit a concept, a mood, or emotion with a vast array of colors is as remarkable a tastemaker as a designer whose forte lies in executing textural stripes and crafty color coordination.

Just like how the Museum of Contemporary Art brings artists and audiences together, presenting contemporary art and culture in ways that “illuminate what it means to be a citizen of both Chicago and the world”, dressing up becomes a work of art, nevertheless making the designing…curating…and ultimately pairing process fun and riveting!

In my outfit today I wanted to relay the impact of art in fashion by choosing these capacious pants from Alexander Wang that boasts a vibrant, watercolor-inspired print throughout. I love the off-kilter stripes of purple and the clash of varied wavelengths that create a shocking effect. A cult favorite faux leather top was in high demand for fending off the chills (hello Fall), and these lace up heels brought ultra back to chic.

So when it comes to ensembles that mingle art with fashion, it doesn’t hurt to every so often deal a wild card :)

Xo~ Lena

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web – Pablo Picasso

Photography: Victoria C Photos

Top: Zara// Pants: Alexander Wang// Shoes: LAMB// Bag: Givenchy


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