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Walk Down Memory Lane 2016

2016. Saying goodbye to 365 days of lessons taught and learned, to moments of tears and laughter, to choices of holding on and letting go.

A year where I’ve met people that made me laugh a bit louder and smile a bit brighter.

A year where I fought hard for what I believed in, with remnants of scars physical and emotional that remind me of how far I’ve come and yet to go.

A year where I not only bid adieu to the traceable steps of Feline Creatures but also embraced the metamorphic spirits of The Wanderliste – a literary corner that I hope to inspire wandering souls like yours truly to pursue new ideas, travel on to new grounds, or delve into new curations.

Quite honestly I’ll always be a writer first and a media influencer second. Pictures may speak a thousand words, but words carry energy and retain the power to heal or hurt.

Blogging to me is not only about sharing captured images, but also conveying, via written words, an idea, a feeling, an emotional encounter, or a personal discovery (i.e the history of fashion trends, the inspiration behind culinary arts, the framework of an architectural masterpiece, etc.) 

With that said, my interest in creative writing will never wane even if audiences are meager and readers are few :).

2017. Starting off on a clean slate. Setting new goals, new career plans, new sightseeing destinations.

Something I’ve learned quite vividly this year and will accompany me for more to come is to always stay true to yourself and to never stop pursuing what you set your mind to achieve.

And never let anyone take you for granted, because what light you bring to someone else’s life should not be their call to vanquish.

Be a dreamer. Be a fighter. Be strong and courageous. Be you. Because no one is you, and that is your power.

Happy new year loves!

Xo~ Lena

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