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Wander Over Wonder


In my photo shoot today, I wanted to relay the idea of slowing down our rite of passage in the working world and reflect on our thoughts and well-being. Like taking a stroll in the vast open land, I took refuge in the calmness of an early morning to rest, to recuperate, to think, to plan, and to ponder.

Life, in all its frills and follies, never ceases to amaze me with its rampant twists and turns. It’s like an ongoing voyage in the deep seas, eagerly set sail on reverberating waves through the highest peaks and the lowest throughs. Come to think about it, the rite of passage for me in the last two years seemed like a journey on a raft boat, kept afloat by buoyant materials rather light and flimsy, and propelled not by a riveting engine but the likes of the capricious wind.

Like all fluid movements in this urban jungle we live in, nothing is set still; we are constantly morphing into something bigger and better.

Whether it’d be climbing the corporate ladder to more elevated roles or discovering your inner talents and venturing towards making your dreams a reality, life is about Dreaming. Exploring. Achieving.

So the next time when you travel on an unraveling journey, take a step back to re-examine your actions. Are you on the same path as you’ve started, or are you treading through a labyrinth going nowhere?

And when those moments arise when we feel pressured to go forward yet our steps trample the ground in circles, we need to reflect on why we set sail on this journey in the first place.

Much love~

Xo~ Lena


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