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Work Of Art

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Art has no restriction nor bound by any absolute definition. A painter with an eye for precision and a desire to evoke a concept…a mood…an emotion with a splash of color and a stroke of genius is a remarkable creator of an abstract creation — a magical objet d’art whose beauty is glorious, remarkable, and existent in the eye of the beholder!

So this weekend when I came across this St. John dress with its classic fit and color-blocking palette (a madcap array of whips and splashes), I knew right off the bat that I, the beholder, would be captivated by a classic beauty. And how could I not?

Very much like translucent watercolor drips on canvas, this dress sold me with not only its diverse yet cohesive mix of colors but also the bateau neckline and strategic hems that make it quite a fun and flirty piece!

Did you know the wide, plain neck was designed for sailors out at sea and purposed for quick removal if one were to fall overboard? History aside, the style emphasizes structured shoulders and a timeless flair, very much a 9-5 favorite that can work its way (fashionably) to social outings off the clock!

And the hems you ask? Well pairing a dress that hits just above the knee with stilettos whose  ankle wraps settle on the skinniest part of your leg would elongate your limbs, making those Kendall Jenner long legs not just a dream but a dream come true (ok maybe we’re not all genetically blessed like this new “IT” girl but its all about proportions — lengthening your lower half would exude a long and statuesque silhouette).

Do you have a printed dress that is a timeless beauty in your wardrobe? :)

Xo~ Lena

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening – Coco Chanel

Dress: St. John// Heels: Aldo// Bag: Givenchy// Glasses: Prada


  • Oh Lena, you look so beautiful. Love the printed dress and the minimal sandal ties the look together perfectly. Love the icing on the cake with the Bag. Gorgeous and I enjoyed reading this post.
    Cheers, Mojisola

    • Thank you very much Mojisola! Yes this printed dress is my new favorite dress that definitely is work and happy hour friendly! Have a lovely day my dear!

  • Oh my cat! Another amazing dress! This printed dress is so timeless as you said! I love how you paired it with heeled sandals! Love this classy look on you babe!;) I don’t have any printed dresses to be fact, I don’t have many dresses in my closet hahaha (shame on me)! I think I should get one asap! :p Happy Wednesday and stay awesome ;) xo Vivian

    • Thank you Vivian, happy wednesday to you too dear! Ah I am the same with my wardrobe where it’s mostly jeans and trousers so it was good to add a printed dress to the selection! Have a wonderful day too my dear! :)

  • You look absolutely beautiful as always. I’m hoping we start to get some good weather here so I can start wearing my dresses more. It’s been a high of like 10 degrees here the past few days so even my wool tights just aren’t going to cut it.

    • Yes I hope it would warm up a bit too!! We have a lot of changes in the weather where one day it’s slightly warm and sunny and the next day it’s snowing. Oh can’t wait for spring to come! Have a lovely day V and thanks for your lovely comments they mean a lot to me!! <3

  • What a wonderful dress, I love the color match :)))
    You look really amazing and chic!


  • Oh what a wonderful dress, I can totally see myself wearing it!
    And those heels, never thought they are from Aldo, they look so hight end!

    • Thank you Tanya, yes this dress is a stunning piece! Ah same here I stopped by Aldo one day and didn’t think I’d pick up a staple like this but these are my go-to heels now (great for skirts and dresses!)

  • Beautiful dress, I love the prints — I love the locale of these shots (great pics)!!

  • This dress is absolutely amazing! The colors…the design…it is all so beautiful!

  • Omg you look so beautiful! Love it all xoxo Janet

  • Ooooo, such a gorgeous dress, Lena, it’s like a piece of abstract art work and you look so lovely in it. You have such a classy style, Lena, just stunning!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thank you Shireen, you are such a darling!! Happy wednesday dear!

  • Wow! What a fabulous dress! I love the artistic feel of it- did you find it at St. John? Or elsewhere? Gorgeous look!

  • What an incredible dress and it really is like wearing a piece of art! Love the colors and the pattern! That sleeve length is one of my favorites! The bag and shoes are the perfect accessories!


    • Thank you Rebecca! You’re such a sweetheart, yes it really is like a piece of abstract art! :)

  • Obsessed with this dress- it looks fabulous on you!!

  • Looking amazing! I adore the coat

  • Your style is off the charts! I am so in love with your blog, glad I stumbled upon it! Hope you have a bomb week!


    • Thanks Jenessa for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Have a great week too!

  • Gorgeous dress, perfect for spring xo
    Evolution of Glam

  • I always enjoy your history lessons in your posts, Lena! And you’re right, this dress is definitely a work of art! It looks so easy to style for any occasion and the length is just right for work too :) xx

    • Thank you Naeun, yes this dress makes me think spring is right around the corner! Have a fabulous day dear!

  • I love your timeless dress! I think I have 2 in my wardrobe that will never be out!


    • That’s great to hear Eea! Hope to see them be featured in your upcoming posts love! :)

  • Stunning pics today girl. That dress is amazing. The colors have me so ready for spring. And your pics always make me crave a road trip to Chicago! One of my favorite cities :)

    • Thank you Kelli! I hope you get a chance to visit too! There’s so much to explore in the Windy City :)

  • I don’t have too many print dresses in my wardrobe. I think this dress is fantastic. It really is reminiscent of splashes of paint on canvas. Great look! The shoes work perfectly. They complement the dress.


    • Thank you Sharon, it truly is an art piece! :) Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by!

  • You are most definitely a walking piece of art. I love these colors on you! Oh and your legs are fabulous! You’re sucha babe!

    Enclothed Cognition

    • Thanks Keri you’re such a darling!! Much love dear!

  • Lena you look so stunning, as always! That dress is utterly a work of art and the print does quite literally look like brush strokes! I had no idea that the high neck was used for sailors, that’s such a cool fact!

    Rachel xx

    • It really is! I had no idea what it was when I read the description and when I googled it the history was so interesting that I had to share it! I hope you have a lovely day Rachel!

  • Seriously!!! This dress is awesome. A stylish smock ;)

  • This dress really is a gorgeous piece of art and it looks so incredible on you. You’re totally right, it’s the perfect work dress!

    xx 365Hangers

    • Thank you, yes it really is a fun number for work! :)

  • love the statement dress! truly like wearing a piece of art

  • Love the colorful array of whips and splash prints on the dress, it really make quite a statement! The thin straps of the heels are very elegant and sexy too, beautiful! Happy Hump Day Lena!


    • Thank you Prudence, yes the thin straps give this outfit more of a feminine look! Have a great day my dear!

  • That dress is a work of art! It is so pretty!
    Melanie @

  • OHHH! It’s that very dress I saw on your instagram and fell in love with! <3 Such a unique print, and loving all the colors in it! You look so chic and fabulous babe!!!!!! You make Chicago look so beautiful haha

    XOXO, HaeMin

    • Thank you HaeMin! Yes this dress really has a unique mix of colors and wearing it makes me feel like spring is in the air! Hehe~ have a lovely day dear!

  • Nice look! I’m not so look to have a good printed dress… Must go shopping I guess :-) Thank you for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment!

    x Mieke

    • Thanks Mieke! And you’re welcome, great blog you got there! ;)

  • i love your dress!!! very nice the print ;)

    Kiss from Italy
    Check it out my new post:

  • the dress looks gorgeous on you Lena! love the print and sits perfect on your figure :)

  • this is classy lena!! i have a dress that looks like paints been thrown at too. the one that i wore to hilton pattaya! i like how it gives that immediate ‘put together’ effect when in fact i just threw it on cos its easy like that lol.. i’m loving all the location you choose to shoot at lately! look at those skyscrapers <3

    • Yes don’t you just love how a simple dress makes the look so put together? Ah yes I remember that dress what a lovely piece! Really just lightens up the mood by looking at it! :) Thanks for your lovely comment Annie you are always such a sweetheart!! <3

  • What a pretty and cool outfit! I love how you related this dress to art and history… it was really interesting. Great post as always Lena! :)

  • Wow. I love this dress so much. The colors and design are just lovely! This look is very Blair Waldorf, keep it up :) Have a great day x

    • Thank you Agnes! I love Blair Waldorf’s style so thank you that really made my day!! Have a great one hun!

  • Brilliant dress, I love the colours and print, plus it fits you like a dream!
    Samuel xx

    • Thank you Samuel!! A dream come true indeed! Have a lovely day!

  • Such a beautiful look! :)

    (IG: @TheStardustBohemian)

  • OMG! What a wonderful dress!! You look stunning!!

    Have a great week!!

    xo – Susana

    • Thank you Susana!! I hope you have a lovely week too! Take care dear!

  • Love the dress Lena! The print and the colours are gorgeous! Very minimal love it and have a great weekend! :) Ting xoxo

    • Thank you Ting, have a lovely week too, hope you’re doing well hun!

  • I love your style. The dress is wonderful and the photos are great as always :)
    XOXO Julia <3

  • This is probably one of my favourite looks shown on your blog so far. The mix of colours is really unusual, you look incredible and your choice of heels is perfect to counteract the ‘boldness’ of the dress!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Thank you Gabrielle, that’s a very insightful point about the dress and heels, the dichotomy between bold and feminine pieces. Thanks for shedding the light on the outfit dear!!

  • This dress looks so fun. From afar you can’t see the brush strokes but it looks so pretty up close! I’m yet to find an investment statement dress like that but I definitely think you’ve found yours. Loved the whole look altogether too.
    Happy Galentine’s Day <3 <3 !

    • Thank you Karen, glad you liked this outfit! Hope you have a lovely day too hun!!

  • Absolutely love this outfit Lena, the dress is stunning <3 :D I hope you have a lovely day!

    Serene xoxo

    • Thanks Serene!! You are such a doll, have a great one too love!

  • I love this print so much!! I’m sure you had others admiring you from miles away. Also, I really love how you paired a red lip with this dress! Maybe you can do a post on what color lipsticks to wear with certain outfits? I always thought since red is so bold on it’s own, it wouldn’t work with a multi colored palette but It looks really lovely with your outfits here! I think it’s time for me to step outside my comfort zone of wearing it mostly with monochramatic outfits. Also, loved the little tidbit about sailors, I totally did not know that!

    • Hi Alice, thanks for your suggestion, that would be a very fun and insightful post I’m jotting it down as I type this! Ah yes I think given the lipstick is cherry red it really feeds off the pink on the dress (versus say if it was burgundy or coral). Thanks again for your lovely comment, have a great day dear!!

  • FIERCE! I love that you take fashion and dressing yourself daily as art. I think dressing yourself is art too which makes everyone an artist because almost everyone can or is able to dress themselves everyday! xo

    • Yes I totally agree!! Have a great one Syah and thanks for stopping by!!

  • Love this dress on you Lena! The artsy pattern is definitely fun!


    • Thanks Tina!! It really is a fun dress! I hope you have a lovely day hun!!

  • gorgeous!!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  • omg I miss this place! I used to work at Dunkin’s Donut around that area..maybe 10-15 mins from the bridge but yes I remember that place! Also House of Blues! My fav place! You look beautiful as always Lena :)

    • Thank you Gail! Oh yes I love House of Blues, truly a great jazz place!! Hope you have a great day dear!

  • Lena this dress was MADE for you! I completely agree about the pattern — it really does look like drips of paint on a canvas! And the color combination is just scrumptious and perfect for spring! I am completely in love with this entire look!

    Sed Bona

    • Thank you Ashley!! Yes it truly brings out one’s creative thinking! Have a lovely day hun!!

  • The abstract print on this dress is amazing. Cute look

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  • Such a gorgeous dress. You look awesome. Have a good weekend :)

  • such a great pics dear <3
    love the sandals and the bags ,love you <3

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